Southerness Lighthouse

southerness lighthouse visit dumfries and galloway scotland sea
Southerness Lighthouse is an unusual square lighthouse, situated just half an hour from Dumfries.  

There has been a navigation marker on the spot since 1748, although the light has been extinguished since 1936. 

The lighthouse opened to the public a few years ago, although we've actually never made it inside the building!  However, we do enjoy walking and exploring around the lighthouse.  There are a number of places to wander around and if your dog enjoys a swim (like ours) then this is a perfect spot! 

Fun fact: Southerness Lighthouse is actually the second oldest lighthouse in Scotland, who would have thought it? 

Post code: DG2 8AZ

southerness lighthouse visit dumfries and galloway scotland seasoutherness lighthouse visit dumfries and galloway scotland sea

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