Stand Up Paddleboarding SUP on Castle Loch, Lochmaben

Stand Up Paddleboarding SUP on Castle Loch, Lochmaben

If you are looking for places to enjoy Stand Up Paddleboarding (or SUP) in Dumfries and Galloway in the South West of Scotland, Castle Loch in Lochmaben is a great option!

Here at Visit Dumfries & Galloway, we have been bitten by the SUP bug - like many others.  One of our favourite spots is Castle Loch in Lochmaben.

Where is Castle Loch in Lochmaben? 

Lochmaben is a small village between Dumfries and Lockerbie. Castle Loch is the biggest loch in aptly named Lochmaben. For the past few years Castle Loch has been community owned (and who also have made a great circular walk around the loch).

SUP Logistics and Postcode? 

There are loads of small jetties and fishing piers that you could launch from.  However, we have found the most accessible and easiest to use is the slipway at the bowling green. 

The postcode for the bowling green is: DG11 1NW

There is a small car park at the bowling green, as well as the edge of Victory Park.  This means you can blow up and prepare your board on grass rather than the stones of the car park.  The slipway gives easy access right into the loch and off you go! 

Castle Loch is really quite large, so you can really get out and explore.  Plus there are some lovely peaceful views to enjoy!  

I know a couple of people who paddle to other jetties and jump out to have a drink of the jetties before paddling back.  There are tonnes of options!

There are a couple of things to watch out for, so be aware of these minor things: 

- There is an active sailing club, so may be other vessels on the loch 

- There is a lot of wildlife around Castle Loch so be aware, and if you see any areas netted off this is why 

- There can be some wind in the loch, which creates waves 

- I have found that where I have fallen in, it isn't too deep however the bottom of the loch is very soft and covered in mud, marsh and weeds.  This is quite messy and can also make it difficult to find your footing without sinking into the ground.  But that could just be my experience of falling in a couple of areas!

- As always, be on the look out for any suspicious looking algae!

Stand Up Paddleboarding SUP on Castle Loch, Lochmaben

Anything else? 

If it's a sunny day you could always walk to Crolla & Sons a couple of minutes away and grab some amazing traditionally made ice cream or coffee! You could also explore the castle itself!

To find more spots in D&G read our full guide here.  If we are missing any of your favourites, do let us know!

Before trying any of these spots, please ensure you are familiar with local laws and customs as well as water safety. 

Stand Up Paddleboarding SUP on Castle Loch, Lochmaben

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