Ferry Fish Luxury Seafood Graze Box

ferry fish luxury seafood graze box visit dumfries and galloway

Seafood specialists Ferry Fish are a superb family-run Dumfries & Galloway company.  We have personally enjoyed lots of quality seafood from Ferry Fish over the years and enjoy supporting local businesses.  This fantastic luxury seafood graze box was too good not to showcase to locals and visitors alike!   

Like many small businesses, the past year brought unprecedented challenges to Ferry Fish.  However, through a lot of hard work they built an online presence they had never had previously and got digital.  Now their website has all their products and is easy to order online.  There is no minimum order and free delivery! 

One of the highlights of the products on offer is the luxury seafood graze box - which as you can see is an absolute smorgasbord of mussels, salmon, shrimps and the star of the show... a prepared lobster!  The graze box is an absolute treat and is great value for all of the goodies inside!  I'm already thinking of my next one.

If you are after a seafood treat or your everyday fish, have a look at Ferry Fish.  They are always expanding their delivery area and are happy to deliver to holiday home addresses for visitors, you only need to order by 4.30pm 2 days before the delivery day.  It is great to shop (and eat) local, and offers far more than the supermarkets! 

You can check out the Ferry Fish website here

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ferry fish luxury seafood graze box visit dumfries and galloway

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